Meet Inamori and Yoshiko

At12th of September, we have plan to hang out together, because i never meet Inamori/Sarah . But, my friend Yoshiko/Dela want to broke it . After an hour ago, finally Yoshiko agreed .

After have promise to come at 12 o'clock, we goes to Yoshiko's house.

we are

After it, we walk together goes to Paris Van Java or PVJ for hang out. In there, we meet the Japanese shop which name is Daiso. In Daiso shop, we want to buy something which are made in japan. Me and Yoshiko buy some Box Lunch, but Ina doesn't. You know? Lunch box which i buy is for MEN!! I surprised because it.

After it, we are hungry, so we buy some meet ball/ which i called Bakso. Ina san buy some Bakso original , Yoshi buy some tea , and me buy Yamien noodle .


When i was eating, then the rain come. Uuughhh~. My chlotes become wet. After that, we going home.


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