Try the theme to Performs in ITB for next Event

Today, i goes to ITB for study the theme of next performs. In road, i have to wait my friend for in to "Sekre".

In front of Sekre
ITB, in front of Sekre

After arrive, me and my friend go up to Sekre and found my another friend have to play Monoply. While wait for another friend, i see my friend who are play Monopoly and then one of my Friend give me an Onigiri for Launch becouse we have not lauch before.

My friend play Monopoly

Onigiri with shrimp

Next, after all of my friend have come, the tailor was come too.
She took my cosplay and give it to me.

all of my friend try the Cosplay
Try the Cosplay

After that, we are try the story for the perform.Then, i have to going home at 8.15pm
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