MAI 'Mentoring Agama Islam'

Today's, I have an exam in the end of semester 2, that is MAI or in Bahasa are "Mentoring Agama Islam"
You know that in Indonesia now, the month is the exam month
So, i was very very busy for study hard
But in today's exam isn't as usual exam, although when I wrote the answer is wrong but it is fun
We have to make 'Rujak' like in this picture

Jumat 11 jun 11 (5) Jumat 11 jun 11 (6)

It is delicious , but it is very hot *OMG!!!*
After arrive in my room, my stomach2 is hurt , I think i should go to toilet
Hahaha, even my stomach and my answer in exam isn't good, but it its very fun
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