National Seminar, me as comitee

Yeah I know it's late, but I'm very tired after this activity .

I wrote this blog at November 24th but I set it on November 19th, lol .

This is the second activity that makes me as committee.

I'm really happy I can do this and can help for this seminar .

The seminar is talk about Geothermal .

Then, this is the photo which I can took when I worked there .

r (1) r (2)

Although Christmas yet to come, but the hotel already display the Christmas tree!
r (3)

The poster and Geothermal Props.
r (6) r (7)

The table in ballroom.
r (5)

Ah! The place is on Grand Aquila Hotel!! This is very amazing!

The ballroom are very large! Then the food was good too, wwwww
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